L&I Detailing offers a full service approach to detailing from surface restoration to weekly care. Providing clients both large and small with the finest results, utilizing the same approach to yacht care that super yachts experience.

We offer spring, mid-season, and fall regiments, and weekly and monthly programs designed to keep your boat shining and protected all season long.

Hydrophobic Properties Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coatings

The newest and most durable approach to paint and gelcoat protection is ceramic coating. The best way to describe this process is its like putting a clear coat on your car, allowing dirt and streaks to wipe off with ease. The process is more invovled than traditional buffing and waxing but the results are unparalleled. L&I Detailing is one of the few companies to offer ceramic coating for boats on Long Island, NY.

What exactly is a ceramic coating? A Ceramic or Graphene coating for your boat is comprised of a semi-permanent layer of protection that helps prevent oxidation, provide superior protection against harmful UV rays, water spots, exhaust stains and more. 

These coatings can last 4-6 longer than traditional wax with proper care. We know a thing or two about these coatings as our sister company YACHTE manufactures these coatings for jetskis through super yachts.

Weekly Care

The best way to maintain your boats aesthetics is with a washing regiment. We perform these services for our clients at their discretion whether it be once a week, bi-monthly, monthly or even on the fly.

Our process includes, filtered water minimizing the risk of hardwater stains, a presoak to loosen dirt, a full wash from the waterline up, clean inside all hatches/compartments (as long as they’re empty), chamois dry the vessel, remove any blackstreaks, touchup any spots that may need it, wipe down all metal and windows and apply a coat of spray wax to preserve the detail in between major waxings.

When looking for weekly washing for your boat on Long Island, L&I Detailing offers the most thorough wash around!

Weekly Boat Washes On Long Island


We pride ourselves on going the extra mile when it comes to buffing your boat, our entry level details include a single grade of the least aggressive compound or polish to eliminate any oxidation in your boats gel coat or paint. We follow this up by applying a premium polymer sealant to add lasting protection to your boats new luster.

We also offer multi-stage buffing and polishing to truly bring your surface back to its glory. The number of stages can vary based on the degree of oxidation. L&I Detailing specializes in colored hull boat detailing on Long Island, through a tried and true 4 step process topped with a specially formulated sealant for colored hulls.

Bottom Painting

Whether you’re looking to place another coat or two of ablative paint on or you’re looking to do some more extensive bottom work including barrier coating, our staff is licensed to handle the task. L&I Detailing can also scrape your shafts/props and drives and replace your boats zincs.


Teak Cleaning and sealing

Teak Care & Sealing

L&I Detailing has become a forerunner when it comes to teak care on Long Island for your boat. We offer all phases of teak care from light cleaning with a eco friendly powder to sanding. Our standard process is a three step cleaning with a non-acid based set of cleaners designed to eliminate all mold and dirt from the wood and bring back a beautiful blonde color. We follow this up with a synthetic teak sealer. For lesser worn teaks we use an eco-friendly powder to clean and brighten your teak in one easy step!



For those jobs needing some extra love, we offer a multi-stage wet sanding process. This will reduce the amount of time spent buffing. Using varying grits depending on the severity of the oxidation.

Boat Diver Long island

Diver Service

To better serve our clients we also offer a diver service to ensure your boat will perform as expected all season long. Our divers can scrape your bottoms, replace zincs, check props and shafts. We can also check your sea strainers making sure nothing was sucked up into them. Every dive is documented with pictures and video to ensure accuracy of our team.

Ala Carte

  • Window Buffing – removes hard water spots
  • Isinglass/Strataglass cleaning & protecting
  • Metal cleaning/polishing & protecting
  • Vinyl cleaning & UV protecting
  • Cabin Cleaning
  • Bilge/Engine room detailing & steam cleaning
  • Carpet Shampooing