Spring Boat Recommissioning Check List - Long Island March 14, 2016

The 2016 Boating Season is quickly approaching and we figured we'd share with you our regiment for getting boats back in the water and ensuring all systems are functioning correctly.

We work our way through all facets of the boat from the engine through your safety gear to make sure the first time you cast off the lines for the season you can enjoy your time at sea.

Our process includes:

1. Clean battery terminals, load testing, replace wing nuts with lock nuts for safe connections
2. Check and top off all fluids; oil, antifreeze, & power steering fluid
3. Grease steering cables or add fluid
4. Test trim pump and lines top off
5. Check throttle and shift cables
6. Belts, freeze out plugs and block drains will be checked for cracks or leaks
7. Check gear lube, lower unit or tranny fluid
8. Test water pump, head or live well (if equipped)
9. Test navigation lights, horn, all systems onboard and ensure coast guard safety package is current
10. Start motor and check all gauges and bring up to temperature

If you're on Long Island, NY and would like our team to perform this service on your vessel please call our office today to book your appointment at 516-366-0727